Melissa striptease in case of Milan winning the Italian league

Melissa Satta was recently on Sports Illustrated, and being an Ac Milan fan, recently she promised a striptease (strip what? :) if Ac Milan team is gonna win the Italian league. I wonder if there's something else to take off her body, as these photos are of bodypainting, she was already naked.
There's a big mistake made by Americans in Italy symbol they painted on her in the Usa (where she was born, though she's Italian), that is a 3 stars logo, while Italy's got 4 stars since 2006, we're the World champions, at least until July 2010.

I also don't have one hair on my body ahahahaha yeah very hard job, and not only the job ^_^

I asked her if they can open again Baci&Abbracci restaurant, that was in my street, a so nice place, but now she manages Sweet Years brand
Italian mod Vespa, Laura Barriales, see my